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fundamental changes are made in the organization of regional, national and international chains and food retailers. Global dependencies and links in one of the largest economic sectors are very important for the basic human needs and attitudes in various cultural, social, economic, legal and physical environments, which are a challenge to research and scientific cooperation.

To meet the wide range of challenges facing us, an unilateral approach focused on classical research is no longer sufficient. A multidisciplinary approach is needed, combining economic, social and legal issues as well as studies in technical, environmental and natural sciences.

The Congress is organized by IFS Office Central & Eastern Europe in cooperation with SGGW, Quality Promotion Office and the world logistical organization CSCMP Poland. The Congress is a platform for sharing knowledge and experience in food safety, new technologies, market access, global logistics, interdependence and cooperation between multinational and small producers, private and public standards and sustainable development.

Whom can you meet at the Congress?

Representatives of raw materials producers for the processing industry, processors, banks, salesmen (trade companies, exporters,  retail sector, distributors), export directors, directors responsible for business financial security, logistic companies, market surveillance agents, certification bodies, consultants, insurance companies, representatives of science.

IFS (International Featured Standards) is a group of standards developed by professionals from different countries. The most important standard is IFS Food 6 dedicated to food processing companies. It was recognized by GFSI. IFS certifications are required by many of Europe’s leading retail chains and importers of modern wholesale and retail.
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is an independent organization gathering  experts in the field of logistics and supply chain for more than 50 years. Based in the USA, it is also present on all continents (in more than 70 countries) and has representation throughout the world. The organization’s activities are devoted to the promotion and dissemination of research and knowledge in the field of logistics and supply chain management. CSCMP has over 9,000 members and is the world’s first and largest organization of logistics and supply chain professionals.
Warsaw University of Life Sciences WULS is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Poland. SGGW conducts research and didactic activities as well as works implementing scientific research into the economy. It cooperates with about 275 foreign partners on all continents. This allows employees and students to travel to partner universities for internships or studies
  Biuro Promocji Jakosci Sp. z o.o. (BPJ, eng. Quality Promotion Office) is a leader in the training and publishing market. The company’s mission is to obtain the best solutions referring to food safety. Training and publishing activities as well as promotion among the best on Polish market serve this aim. BPJ organizes leading conferences and thematic seminars, publishes the specialist press, like „Bezpieczenstwo i Higiena Zywnosci” („Food Safety and Hygiene”) – the monthly of solid position.

Events accompanying the Congress:

Workshop “Strategy of promoting Polish food”

– representatives of the largest food companies,
– representatives of the ministries and the Agricultural Market Agency
– Representatives of the Agricultural Market Agency,
– representatives of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and other universities.

Moderator: Jerzy Wierzbicki – the president of the Council for a Social Dialogue in Agriculture (auxiliary branch of MRiRW)

Building a brand of good Polish food is a condition of long-term success in export and improving its profitability.

How Business, Schools and State Administration can work together in pursuit of the above-defined goal.




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Exhibition of innovative products and services

As part of the events accompanying Congress in the Foyer of the Conference Center will be an exhibition of innovative technologies, products, packaging and logistics solutions. The purpose of the exhibition is to familiarize Congress participants with the achievements of individual exhibitors. Participants in the Congress will include: representatives of the professional press, representatives of food manufacturers, retail chains, trade and logistics companies who may be interested in purchasing products presented at the exhibition.

To become an exhibitor you must complete the form.


Roman Bartkowiak
Mogielnica Valley

Founder of the Organic Farming Products Cooperative. In the last 10 years, the company has transformed its production from conventional crops such as cereals and oil crops to vegetables, herbs, leguminous and leguminous plants, bees, beef cattle and pork (Złotnicka Pstra) and large wicker plantations - Salix viminalis (40 ha). For several years we have been cooperating with producers of ecoproducts such as pumpkin seed oil, buckwheat oil and a wide range of seeds for sprouts, dried and lyophilized herbs and vegetables. It specializes in the production of ecosynthers has suitable driers, cleaning machines and sorting machines, peeling machine for the production of cold buckwheat. The idea of the company is the possibility of processing large and uniform batches of raw materials, which will produce healthy food, feed additives and herbs.

prof. Janusz Berdowski

Professor, food industry expert, manager, educator, social activist.

Education, scientific and didactic activity

A graduate of the Secondary School Wladyslaw IV in Warsaw (1953). Studied at the Faculty of Food Technology at the Warsaw Agricultural University (1954-1959). Master's thesis: Study on cabbage laying process with special focus on vitamin C. Postgraduate studies at Technical Universities in Berlin and Munich, as FAO-UN Scholarship holder (1971-1972). Postgraduate studies in organization and management at the University of Warsaw (1975-1977). Scientific internships: Copenhagen Poultry Factory in Denmark (1963), Simhadal Fruit and Fruit Pulp Plant in Greece (1982), BOB Company in Kumla, Sweden (1989). Ph.D. thesis: Studies on organization of production processes in the fruit and vegetable industry (1986). Associate Professor (2012).

Participant in international courses and conferences in EU countries, USA, FDA and FAO / WHO. Used in companies of all European countries and USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Tunisia, Israel, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, India, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (1975-1998).

Managerial activity

After studying, working in various positions, he modernized production lines, implemented new technologies and supervised the production of foodstuffs, among others. In factories: Włocławek, Milejow, Radom (1960-1965) and Warka (1963-1964) as foreman, production manager and chief technologist.

Director of the Łowicz Fruit and Vegetable Industry (now Agros Nova). His factory for 11 years (1965-1975) won five times first and second place in the national food industry competition DO-RO. Director in Fruktopol Union (1975-1982). V-Director of the Institute of Biotechnology of Agri-Food Industry (1982-1990). V-Director of the Pharmaceutical Institute (1982-1989). Director of the Department of Agro-Food Industry, Ministry of Agriculture (1990-1993). Advisor to the Prime Minister (1993-1995). Director of the Polish Center for Research and Certification (PCBC) under the rank of Undersecretary of State (1994-1998).

Social activity

Activist of various organs and levels of the Chief Technical Organization (NOT, since 1959) and SN-TIiTPS, since 1961, and the Scientific and Technical Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Food Industry. Chairman of the Board of Directors of SN-TIiTPS (1990-1998) and honorary chairman of this organization (since 1998). Member of the Council of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations at NOT (1994-1998). Member of the Presidium of the Committee of the Ministry of Food Industry Industry at the Episcopate of Poland (since 1997). Expert evaluator of product quality Polcargo (since 1975) and SN-TiTPS (since 1972).

The originator and producer of the Most Interesting Food Product of the Year (since 1990) and the National Product of the Future of Poland (since 1992). Member of the Polish Product of the Future (Chapter since 2004). Member of the Competition Committee of the Poznań International Fair. Co-author, with the National Chamber of Commerce (KIG) and Business Foundation, expert and judge of the Polish Quality Award. Member of the evaluation team for the quality mark "1" and "Q" (since 1975). Member of the Polish Promotional Emblem Award Now Poland (since 1993). Member and v-chairman of the Scientific Council of the Quality Committee at the Polish Chamber of Commerce (since 1995), since 1994 at the Office of the Quality Mark of the Polish Committee for Standardization, Quality and Measurement. Member of the International Federation of Wines and Alcohols in Paris (1992-1996). Inventor of the inventive movement since the 70's.

He was not and does not belong to any political organization.

Publications, articles, papers, author or co-author:

Approx. 380  Articles, papers published in Polish and foreign magazines and papers for national and international conferences (since 1960).

Mirosław Bohdan

Born in 1954. Education: mgr inż. Food technologist. The co-owner of Delpak, which as the first in Poland in the early 90's, has introduced foils to the market BOPP, PET, stretch and high-quality laminates with rotogravure technology.

In the years 1998-2002, the president of ERG-PAK, which produces rotogravure printing and since 2003 the president of EMIPAK, representing several foreign companies, including SOMA Engineering, BST Eltromat International and Relox. Specialist in flexographic printing and rotogravure printing. Author of about 100 publications in the field of flexible packaging, printing technology, laminating, quality control, food packaging safety and development trends in packaging production in Poland and in the world. Articles were published in Poland, Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Belarus and China.

Susanne Braun
University of Hohenheim

Managing Director of the Research Center for Bioeconomy at the University of Hohenheim, Germany

The Research Center for Bioeconomy is a central inter-faculty research center at the University of Hohenheim and brings together a broad scientific knowledge from agricultural sciences, biology, food sciences, nutrition sciences, to socio-economic sciences as a background for interdisciplinary and international research activities and networks. A central task of the Center is to foster cooperation with various stakeholders and research institutions in the food sector on national and international level.

Susanne Braun has a broad knowledge in the food sector, based on an academic degree in food technology (MSc) and a second academic education in economy and European politics (MBA). Her work included international management and consulting activities within food companies in different countries. She is highly experienced in working in international research projects and is involved in the coordination and the management of EU research projects. She is member in various European food networks and associations, as e.g. EFFoST, ISEKI, FoodForce and GHI.

Her main activities in the recent years consisted, amongst others, in the optimisation of the knowhow transfer to SMEs in the food sector (several publications) and the linking with a trans-European network of various stakeholders in the food sector. This comprised the participation in large scale European research projects, including coordination and management activities. The work also included the organization of and participation in a big number of international conferences and workshops.

Jacek Brol
Graduate of the Agricultural University of Wroclaw. With plant protection products and BASF related since 1996. For more than four years as a product manager was responsible for Central and Eastern Europe. Currently, the manager of the marketing department of plant protection products BASF Poland.
dr inż. Anna Bugajewska
Mérieux NutriSciences

A graduate of the Faculty of Food Technology SGGW, specialist in food microbiology, food safety and quality, storage research, laboratory analysis, quality management systems in the food industry, gastronomy (GMP, GHP, HACCP, IFS, BRC) and quality management in a research laboratory (ISO 17025). Professional experience: academic teacher, adjunct, PCA technical auditor assessing ISO 17025 testing laboratories, academic lecturer, trainer, food safety and quality consultant, expert on validation of production processes and determination of food sustainability. Currently employed as a Scientific and Technical Director at Silliker Polska - Merieux NutriSciences group providing food safety and quality services and a Warsaw accredited Laboratory No. AB 462, and vice president of KT PKN for Food Microbiology, member PKN Technical Committees (No. 235) and Biotechnology (No. 287), member of the PCA Technical Committee, PCA Accreditation Expert Certification Body.

Izabela Dąbrowska-Kasiewicz
Alior Bank
For nearly 15 years he has been dealing with the agro-food sector. Since 2016, he has been responsible for the product offer for the agri-food sector at Alior Bank. Previously, she was involved in the financing of broadly understood agribusiness in Bank BGŻ (now BGŻ BNP Paribas) and mBank. In the field of professional work, she has developed, among other things, the development of a methodology for assessing creditworthiness of entities operating in the agricultural sector, analysis of agricultural markets and the management of credit process. In the years 2004-2007 she worked at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, where she dealt with topics related to the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.
dr Anita Frydrych

Doctor of chemistry and technology of polymer materials. Graduate of the Chemical Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology. In 2016 she started working at Marcato Sp. Z o.o., where he is responsible for implementation of innovative product solutions. In addition, as Technical Advisor, KGL S.A. In the years 2010-2016 she worked at the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Technology for the implementation of research projects related to the synthesis of biodegradable polymers. The company has many publications, patents and patent applications related to this subject. She participated in numerous national and foreign academic conferences on polymer synthesis and plastics processing.

Agnieszka Koncka-Olejnik
Peako SA Bank

For 16 years his career has been connected with banking. Educated economist, graduate of Economics at the University of Lodz, Business Coach, Diploma Coach, academic lecturer. Since 2008 he has been working for Bank Pekao SA, currently acting as Business Development Director of the Center in the Strategic Acquisition Project of the Bank "Enterprise Program". Previously as Regional Coordinator in the AGROMANIA project. He specializes in financing investments in the AGRO industry.

Sebastian Jarzębowski
Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He received his master's degree in economics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (2005) and in economics and social sciences (Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften) at the University of Bonn (2006), and his doctorate in economics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (2009). Several research stays at the Universities of Bonn, Hamburg, Halle, Visiting professor at the Ohio State University, USA, and the University of Bonn. Scholarships of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Schaumann Foundation and others. Author of several publications including monographs.

Main scientific interest:

Interdisciplinary project work in the fields of economics, food chains, food safety with the main focus:

  • Food Supply Chains
  • Logistics
  • Quality Management
  • Efficiency of companies and chains

Coordination and participation in numerous R&D projects.

Jarosław Jaworski
President of the Coface Board in Poland Since January 1, 2012 he is the president of Coface. As Country Manager, he is responsible for the development of all Coface business areas in Poland: insurance receivables, factoring, business information and B2B debt collection. To Coface joined in 2006, taking on the responsibility for introducing Coface to the Polish market, which is currently one of the largest players in the market and the largest non-bank player in Poland. For many years a member of the Executive Committee of the Polish Association of Factors, currently a member of the Audit Committee. In banking and financial services since 1992, since 1999 in the factoring industry, previously as director of factoring sales. He graduated economics at the Catholic University of Lublin and MBA at the University of Illinois at Lublin University of Technology. Participant of many trainings and conferences.
Kamil Jeziorek

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, graduate of the SGGW in Warsaw. Between 2004 and 2015 he conducted research related to post harvest quality of fruit. He has participated in many scientific conferences, including in particular storage and orchard agriculture. Participant in national and international research projects, lecturer. Currently, Crop Field Expert in Syngenta, coordinator of special field and vegetable cultivation and Global Fruit Quality Contract, Interra Farm.

Renata Juszkiewicz
Polish Organization of Trade and Distribution

Since 2008, President of the Polish Organization for Trade and Distribution, associating the largest international trading companies in Poland. In the years 2000 - 2017 she was the Director of the Representative Office of METRO AG in Poland, representing the companies of Makro C & C, Real, Media Saturn Holding in relation to state authorities, non-governmental organizations and industry associations. Vice President of the Confederacy Lewiatan. Vice President of EuroCommerce European Trade Organization based in Brussels. Since 2012 President of the CEE Trade Council, he represents modern trade in Central and Eastern Europe to EU institutions in Brussels.

Bogusław Kowalski
Graal Capital Group

He is the incorporator of Graal S.A. And main shareholder of the Company. The beginnings of the Grail date back to 1990. Bogusław Kowalski started by running a supermarket in Wejherowo. The business was growing steadily, and the company - apart from trading - began to deal with the distribution and, over time, the production of canned fish. Since 2005 Bogusław Kowalski consistently builds the Graal Capital Group, creating an empire in the fish segment.

Michał Lachowicz

Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. In 2006r. He obtained the Negotiator Diploma awarded by the Warsaw School of Economics. Since 2002 the owner of a fruit farm. Co-author of the Expertise of the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation "Business strategies and processes of enterprises in the situation of significant deterioration of the economic situation in the economy or specific industries" realized on commission  the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. From 2010r. President of the Management Board of LA-SAD TRADE sp. Z.o.o. From 2014r. Secretary of the Scientific Council of the Horticultural and Food Processing Forum. Vice President of the National Union of Fruit and Vegetable Producers Groups, Leader of the lobby group apples and pears EUCOFEL (European Fruit and Vegetables Trade Association), President of the Board Salamika LLC

Tomasz Lewek
Horticulture Farm in Ryczywół

Graduate of the Silesian University in Katowice Age 62 years. Since 1990 involved in the trade of vegetables and fruits on a nationwide scale. Member of the board and co-founder of Darfruit Sp o.o. Gardening and trading companies. For 20 years the producer of greenhouse vegetables, now berries at the Horticultural Farm in Ryczywole.

Aleksander Mackiewicz
Pomona Company

President of the Management Board Pomona Company Ltd SP Z.  O.O.

Experienced manager, educated nutrition technologist, master of economics, graduate of Warsaw University. In his professional life he was a member of the Board of Directors of Libella Industrial Unions and General Manager Ars Christiana. In the years 1989-1990 he was the Minister of the Internal Market. Since 1991 he has been active in production and trade in Pomona Company Ltd Sp. Z.o.o. Where he patented innovative products that are used in food packaging.

Maciej Majewski
Sady Grójeckie Association

Graduate of the faculty of Holiculture and Landscape Architecture at SGGW in Warsaw ( 1999-2004). For ages associated with the production of apples, as the son of a gardener, founder and partner of FreshMazovia. Coach and adviser on food safety. Participant and lecturer at many conferences on agricultural production, plant protection, innovation and food safety.  He also participate in international organizations as GLOBALGAP, Education and Qualifications Alliance, GiQS and National Association of Polish Ecology, ASAP. He has produced numerous publications in scientific journals  dealings with agricultural knowledge systems, Integrated Manufacturing Global G.A.P and other issues relate to food safety. All his knowledge is connected with the development of the regional product “Jabłko Grójeckie” as the president of the board of Sady Grójeckie Association. A privately happy husband and father and lover of home made wine and cider.

Grażyna Marchewka
Fresh Logistics

Regional Sales Manager - Raben Group For 10 years at Fresh Logistics Polska, a company that provides full range of logistic services under controlled temperature conditions to European and Asian markets. He has many years of experience in audit management systems for ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001.

Marek Marzec

He graduated of the Warsaw Agricultural University, SGGW - Faculty of Food Technology in 1975. The first 15 years worked in the Polish food industry. He started as a production engineer in a fruit and vegetable processing plant and then from the Union level as Production Inspector coordinated the development of new products in 22 production plants located throughout Poland. The next 13 years continued his professional career at the Agricultural Cooperative as production manager, board member and chairman of the board (10 years). In 1993 he started work at the large international company METRO Group. Initially a Merchandiser of food products and later promoted to Deputy Director of Sales Makro Cash and Carry Polska. In 1998, after training in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and the USA, he was responsible for the first private label project in Poland and then coordinated the development of private food and non food products in Metro Group International, Macro Czech Republic, Metro Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. In parallel he worked as a member of the international team preparing METRO Group's new investments in Russia, Ukraine and Croatia. In 2001, he was promoted to the position of CEE Quality Assurance Supervisor with the task of coordinating quality assurance in the Metro Group: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine and Russia. Supporting the development of Private Label and International Purchasing. Since 2003 he has been a Metro Representative in Globalgap and IFS. In 2010, he began working as an independent business development consultant in the areas of export-import and retail. It works with IFS. Over 25 years he has held periodic roles in the boards of several companies (EWA-BIS Group) operating in various business fields in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Canada. Mr. Marek Marzec has written many articles in specialist journals. He gave lectures at international conferences in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, Madrid, Sofia, Zagreb, Belgrade, Bucharest, Prague, Budapest, Kiev, Tbilisi, Baku, Moscow, Toronto and Chicago.

Agnieszka Mężyńska
DQS Poland

Graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology of the SGGW and a postgraduate study in Quality Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. After several years working in the food industry as a Plenipotentiary for Quality Management, she started working in 2005 with DQS Polska Sp. Z o.o. He has many years of experience in auditing management systems for IFS Food, IFS Logistics, BRC Food, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, FAMI QS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001, PN-N 18001. It also provides numerous training for food companies. Since 2015 he has also worked with IFS Management GmbH as a trainer for calibration training for auditors conducting IFS Food certification audits.

prof. Jan Jakub Michałek
University of Warsaw

Professor Jan J. Michałek is a graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw and finished postgradute studies at the College of Europe in Bruges. He specializes in trade policy and analysis of economic integration. He lectured as visiting professor at University of Sussex and University of Havre. He is currently Dean of the Faculty of the Economic Science at University of Warsaw. Between 1992 and 1997, he worked as assistant of Polish representative at the WTO in Geneve. For several years he was an independent expert of the State Committee for European Integration in Warsaw. He has published several books and articles devoted to trade policy within the European Union and WTO and various aspects of Poland's integration with the European Union. He also co-authored several papers analyzing the trade implications of EU membership and the possible entry of new Member States into the euro area.

dr Artur Miszczak
Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice
Dr Artur Miszczak, graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University. For 30 years he has been working at the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice. Researcher, PhD in agricultural science. Initially, he worked at the Department of Plant Physiology, then at the Department of Storage and Processing, and is currently head of the Department of Food Safety Research. For 15 years, he runs an accredited laboratory that deals with residue analysis of plant protection products for both public departments and private companies needs. The International Good Laboratory Practice certificate allows cooperation with the largest agrochemical companies in the essential research needed to register new plant protection products in Poland and in the EU. He actively cooperates with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in terms of building a national food safety system both in practice and in legislation. He is a consultant in evaluating registration applications for new plant protection products at national and EU level.
Zbigniew Oczadły
ERGO Solutions

Zbigniew Oczadły, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences in Food Technology - Food Chemistry and Analysis (Agricultural University of Kraków, Faculty of Food Technology, Department of Food Analysis and Quality Assessment); specialist in sensory analysis, consumer research and sensory lab design; lead auditor for BRC, IFS and GLOBALGAP standards; auditor of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC and HACCP systems; Many years of experience in conducting audits; since 2012, the President of the Management Board of QA Solutions Ltd.; many years of experience in conducting trainings such as food law, network standards requirements, risk management, crisis management and Food Defense.

Janusz Olejnik
Mérieux NutriSciences

Janusz Olejnik, graduate of ART Olsztyn (University of Agriculture and Technology, currently the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (UWM), graduated with honors in 1992 with the title of Master of Food Technology Engineer with specialization in Dairy Technology. He graduated from the School of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Management and Marketing with a major in Management and Marketing. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, Master of Business Administration program, Business management - European Academy of Management Skills. Since 2001 he has been General Manager of Siliker Polska Ltd. that belongs to the global Merieux Nutrisciences brand that specializes in research and services in the field of food quality, food safety and other related fields including packaging. He is an active member of two technical committees of PKN, PKN KT35 (Milk and Milk Processing), PKN KT310 (Food Safety Management Systems), Member of the Polish Chamber of Packaging (PIO), author of many articles, organizer and speaker at many branch conferences.

Krzysztof Pawiński

Krzysztof Pawiński, a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. Co-founder of Maspex Wadowice, a leading producer of juices, nectars and beverages, as well as instant products (cappuccino, cocoa, whitewash, tea) in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe that also produces pasta.

Paulina Piskorska

Paulina Piskorska is a graduate of Gdańsk University of Technology in Biotechnology, Technology and Food Analysis. Member of Biotechnology Science Club. Participant in optimization research of micro-encapsulation of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids. Participant in numerous scientific conferences. Currently, the Food Safety Sector Coordinator, Certification Team Leader and Local Key Account Cooridnator at SGS Polska Ltd. System Auditor: ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP, FSSC 22000, ISO 22000 and PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005

Agnieszka Popielas
ALS Food & Pharmaceutical
Agnieszka Popielas is a Managing Director and Plenipotentiary of Quality Management in ALS Polska, company that provides services in the field of food laboratory research, consumer and sensory food research. A graduate of the Poznan University of Life Sciences (biotechnology) and Poznan University of Economics (postgraduate marketing management studies), for 10 years connected to the food safety and quality branch.
Jerzy Próchnicki
Graduated from the Agricultural University of Wroclaw, PhD in agricultural sciences. For 12 years he managed large farms in Lower Silesia. After working in 1992 at Bayer, he has worked in Poland and abroad (10 years) performing various functions, from a regional representative to Global Manager. Currently Director of Bayer Development and Registration, Crop Science, responsible for innovative technologies, digital farming and sustainability of food production in Poland and the Baltic States. He actively cooperates with Polish and EU institutions, scientific institutes and research companies, member of the board of the Polish Association of Sustainable Agriculture, member of the Polish Plant Protection Association. He is an expert on biodiversity, water and soil protection, pollinators and innovative technology in agricultural production.
Wiesław Różański

Wiesław Różański has large experience and extensive knowledge of the meat industry in Poland and in the world. Profeessionally engaged in many business ventures in the field of trading, consulting and renewable energy. He has been supporting the Polish meat industry for many years, serving as the President of the Board of the Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry, which successfully conducts extensive promotion of Polish products in the world and strives to disseminate knowledge and qualitative standardization.

Adriana Rudnicka

Adriana Rudnicka is Managing Director of Grupa Owoce Natury Ltd and „Ewa-Bis” Ltd.

Managing Director of companies exporting Polish agri-food production, especially fruits and vegetables to more than 30 countries on 4 continents. Responsible for development strategy, estabilishing export sectors and export security. Speaker at branch conferences in Poland and abroad e.g. as an expert of the Ministry of Economy Program „Activating exports on selected markets” where she presented Polish food specialties during foreign missions. She actively cooperates with numerous organizations that supports the export of Polish food. An enthusiastic traveler that loves exploring new cultures.

Nevin Rühle

Nevin Rühle - IFS Director Business Development

- holds a master in food technology and business administration

- has more than 10 years of professional experience in different fields in the international food industry

- is active since 2013 in the IFS Management GmbH head office in Berlin/Germany

Dariusz Sapiński

Chairman of the Board, MLEKOVITA Group

Dariusz Sapiński, Chairman of the Board, Mlekovita Group. He graduated from the Faculty of Food Technology at the Agricultural and Technical Academy in Olsztyn and joined the dairy industry from the beginning of his professional career. In 1979, he started working in a Mazovian cooperative, and after three years became Vice President of Production and Technology, and in 1986 the Supervisory Board entrusted him with the position of President of the Management Board. In 1992 he gave the cooperative the name Mlekovita and developed the company logo. Thanks to his effective management, Mlekovita has become the largest dairy company in Central and Eastern Europe (16 production plants, 31 own distribution centers and over 100 own Mlekovita stores), the leader of the list of 1000 largest food companies in Poland and the most valuable brand in the manufacturing sector of the Polish economy. Led by Dariusz Sapinski, the company has become an unquestioned leader in the branch, a firm of estabilished reputation in the world, and the president himself – has won many prestigious awards and titles, including goverment awards: (Bronze Cross of Merit, Golden Cross of Merit, Knight’s Cross of Polonia Restituta Order, Officer’s Cross of Polonia Restituta and Commander’s Cross of Polonia Restituta) and the business: (Businessman of the Year, Most Respected Boss of Manufacturing Companies in Poland, Individuals of the Year, Agrobusinessmen of the Year, Medal of Merit for Export).
Monika Tyska
Agricultural Market Agency
Monika Tyska has completed her studies in nutrition and consumption at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and post-graduate studies in public administration at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw, economy at National School of Public Administration (KSAP) and Diplomatic Protocol at Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). She is an appointed official of Civil Service. For 7 years, she served as deputy director of the Department of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and currently is the director of the Export Support Bureau at the Agricultural Market Agency. Coordinator of many promotional projects; both domestic and foreign, e.g. conferences, seminars and branch business meetings.
Barbara Wojciechowska

Absolwenta Akademii Rolniczo-Technicznej w Olsztynie w  2001roku. Po zakończeniu studiów rozpoczęłam pracę w firmie „CEDROB”S.A.

Jestem Pełnomocnikiem Zarządu ds. Systemów Zarządzania Jakością oraz Dyrektorem działu Systemów Zarządzania Jakością.

Wdrażam  i nadzoruję wymagania systemowe – HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, IFS, BRC, REDCert, Halal itd... w poszczególnych obiektach firmy „CEDROB” S.A.

Tadeusz Wojciechowski
Quality Promotion Office
Tadeusz Wojciechowski, journalist, editor in chief of the magazine „Safety and Hygiene of Food” and website www.zywnosc.com.pl. Integrated Pest Management Expert. President of the Polish Federation of Pest Control and the Quality Promotion Office. Expert on Institutional Reform of  the Food Security System Team of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.  Chairman of the Food Safety and Quality Team in the Council for Social Dialogue in Agriculture. He participated in the implementation of international projects of the European Union including issues of technology and food safety directed as support for food industry in the country. He gained his knowledge and experience by attending in numerous international specialist courses and conferences organized by EU experts from: Codex Alimentarius, FDA, FAO/WHO, FLEP, EFTA and NSF, as well as on study trips.
Mateusz Woźniak

Mateusz Woźniak is a graduate of Warsaw University of Life Science, Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. He also completed his postgraduate studies: Integrated Production in the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Pulawy. At FreshMazovia Ltd, since 2004, he has been dealing with quality systems, trainings and orchard counseling. He links professional work with practice by running a fruit farm.

Fr. dr Artur Wysocki
Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University

Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, School of Practical Management at the French Institute of Management, Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Warsaw, Catholic Institute in Paris, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, where he received a degree in sociology in 2007. Internship at Durham University (UK).

Professional work: 2008-2009 – lecturer at Institute of Political Science at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University and senior lecturer at the Institute of World Economy at Warsaw School of Economics, 2009-2013 – lecturer at the Department of Sociology of Social Processes at the Institute of Sociology at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, since 2013 – head of the Department of Catholic Social Science at the Professorial Chair of Sociology of Religion at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University.

Studies: Catholic Social Science, social and economic ethics, sociology of religion, social connections and processes, sociology of the parish, Chinese culture and religions, and their impact on contemporary socio-economic transformations in China, sustainable development.


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