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IFS Office Central & Eastern Europe invites you to


On November 6th of 2018

The leading theme will be food quality and safety.

The event will also include an exhibition of innovative products.

Interested Sponsors, Exhibitors and Partners are welcomed to contact us:


Aleksandra Tokarz
 tel: +48 722 222 928
e-mail: ifs-poland@ifs-certification.com
Marek Marzec
 tel: +48 601 957 701
e-mail: marzec@ifs-certification.com



Dear Sir or Madame,

The jubilee fifth edition of the Food Safety Congress, planned for this year on November 6, is approaching. Traditionally, the Congress is organized by the CEE International Food Standard – IFS with the help and cooperation of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and CSCMP Poland.

The Congress program reflects the need for an integral approach to food safety, i.e. pointing to a close, inseparable linking of all stages and determinants of technological, logistic and functional chains. Mixing these elements, proper food supervision and observance of the traditions and culture of food products creates its quality.

In order to meet the various challenges facing us, a one-sided approach focused on classical research is no longer sufficient. Nowadays a multidisciplinary approach is required, combining economic, social and legal issues as well as the disciplines of technical, environmental and natural sciences.

Representatives of raw materials producers for the processing industry, processors, banks, salesmen (trade companies, exporters, retail sector, distributors), export directors, directors responsible for business financial security, logistic companies, market surveillance agents, certification bodies, consultants, insurance companies, representatives of science.

IFS (International Featured Standards) is a group of standards developed by professionals from different countries. The most important standard is IFS Food 6 dedicated to food processing companies. It was recognized by GFSI. IFS certifications are required by many of Europe’s leading retail chains and importers of modern wholesale and retail.
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is an independent organization gathering experts in the field of logistics and supply chain for more than 50 years. Based in the USA, it is also present on all continents (in more than 70 countries) and has representation throughout the world. The organization’s activities are devoted to the promotion and dissemination of research and knowledge in the field of logistics and supply chain management. CSCMP has over 9,000 members and is the world’s first and largest organization of logistics and supply chain professionals.
Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Poland. SGGW conducts research and didactic activities as well as works implementing scientific research into the economy. It cooperates with about 275 foreign partners on all continents. This allows employees and students to travel to partner universities for internships or studies.


The Congress course depicted above:

– each participant, by registering, participates in the session: “I Plenary Session – Auditorium” and “II Plenary Session – Auditorium”.
– participant during the course Block A (11:30 – 13:25) and Block B (14:30 – 16:45) has the opportunity to participate in other thematic groups than those taking place asPlenary Sessions..

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Exhibition of innovative products, services and Kosher Expo Poland


As part of the events accompanying Congress, in the Foyer Conference Center will be organized an exhibition of innovative technologies, products, packaging and logistic solutions. The aim of the exhibition is to familiarize participants of the Congress with the achievements of individual exhibitors. Congress participants will include representatives of the professional trade press, representatives of food manufacturers, retail chains, trade and logistics companies who may be interested in purchasing products presented at the exhibition.

Therefore, we also encourage you to take part in the exhibition and promote your products!

More informations contact us:

Julia Ryks

e-mail: juliar@foodcongress.org

phone: +48 603 744 199

Aleksandra Tokarz

e-mail: ifs-poland@ifs-certification.com

phone: +48 722 222 928


Kosher Expo Poland – First Polish Trade Kosher Food. KosherPL (project of the Jewrnalism Foundation) together with IFS Central & Eastern Europe Office would like to invite Polish producers of kosher certified food products or those who want to apply for such a certificate, for the first Polish Trade Kosher Food, which will take place at the Food Safety Congress in on November 6, 2018 at the Polin Museum.

The KosherPL project offers you solutions in the area of:

  • kosher certification
  • export of Polish products with a certificate abroad,
  • promotion of Polish manufacturers’ products and maximize profits from having a certificate.

Jewrnalism Foundation on this project cooperates with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, an office in Tel Aviv as well as with international, recognized organizations issuing kosher certifications. We want the acquisition of the certificate to be easy, transparent, and that each producer of Polish products should be supported by the Polish government and the Jewrnalism Foundation when exporting products abroad (Israel, North America) as well as their promotion in specific markets.
The Polish Kosher Food Fair is the first step of the KosherPL project and Polish producers to conquer the foreign kosher market.
15/07/2018 starts the registration for the one-day KosherShowPL
Get your position and the KosherShowPL Package today!
Due to the limited number of seats this year, do not wait until the last minute.
The KosherShowPL package includes:

  • Stand,
  • Listing the company name in promotional materials,
  • Putting the logo on the Polish Kosher Food Market,
  • Participating in the first closed Kosher Business Club meeting (during the Fair, a closed meeting will be held for invited guests with partners from the world of politics, business or diplomacy supporting the initiative of the first Kosher Food Fair in Poland)

  • Price of the Package 2000 PLN + VAT
  • Early Bird Promotion until 15/08/2018 1700 PLN + VAT

e-mail: biuro@jewrnalismfoundation.org

 tel.: +48 510 061 965


Stephan Tromp
IFS Managing Director
Stephan Tromp is deputy Chief Executive Director of HDE, the German Retail Association, and at the same time Managing Director of that association’s subsidiary HDE Trade Services GmbH as well as the managing director of the IFS Management GmbH. One of the main focuses of his activities is the establishing and management of service projects. For example, since 2002 he has established the auditing standard IFS (www.ifs-certification.com), which is used by companies from trade and industry world-wide for the assessment of their food suppliers. He has developed the International Featured Standards (IFS) to an internationally recognised and deployed auditing standard for supplier assessment in the realm of trade and industry. Stephan Tromp has an economics diploma, acquired from the Fachhochschule für Wirtschaft, Berlin (Berlin School of Economics). His native language is German, and he is also fluent in English and Dutch.
Marek Marzec

He graduated of the Warsaw Agricultural University, SGGW - Faculty of Food Technology in 1975. The first 15 years worked in the Polish food industry. He started as a production engineer in a fruit and vegetable processing plant and then from the Union level as Production Inspector coordinated the development of new products in 22 production plants located throughout Poland. The next 13 years continued his professional career at the Agricultural Cooperative as production manager, board member and chairman of the board (10 years). In 1993 he started work at the large international company METRO Group. Initially a Merchandiser of food products and later promoted to Deputy Director of Sales Makro Cash and Carry Polska. In 1998, after training in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and the USA, he was responsible for the first private label project in Poland and then coordinated the development of private food and non food products in Metro Group International, Macro Czech Republic, Metro Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. In parallel he worked as a member of the international team preparing METRO Group's new investments in Russia, Ukraine and Croatia. In 2001, he was promoted to the position of CEE Quality Assurance Supervisor with the task of coordinating quality assurance in the Metro Group: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine and Russia. Supporting the development of Private Label and International Purchasing. Since 2003 he has been a Metro Representative in Globalgap and IFS. In 2010, he began working as an independent business development consultant in the areas of export-import and retail. It works with IFS. Over 25 years he has held periodic roles in the boards of several companies (EWA-BIS Group) operating in various business fields in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Canada. Mr. Marek Marzec has written many articles in specialist journals. He gave lectures at international conferences in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, Madrid, Sofia, Zagreb, Belgrade, Bucharest, Prague, Budapest, Kiev, Tbilisi, Baku, Moscow, Toronto and Chicago.

Andrzej Szumowski
Chairman of the Management Board at the Polish Vodka Association
Andrzej Szumowski began his 25-year professional career at the former Ministry of International Economic Cooperation. In 1994, he took on the role of Proxy of the Management Board at Agros Holding S.A. In 1997, he was made Undersecretary of State at the Office of the Committee for European Integration. In 1998, he was an adviser to the Head of the Chancellery of the President. Until 2001, he also held the position of Adviser to the Chairman of Polkomtel S.A. and Agros Holding S.A. In 2001, Andrzej Szumowski took up the post of Director of Communications and later Director of Public Affairs at Agros Holding S.A. Between 2002 – 2005 he was Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In 2003, he was nominated Vice Chairman of the Management Board at Wyborowa S.A. He also currently holds the posts of Company Press Spokesman and Director of Public Affairs. Andrzej Szumowski has been the Chairman of the Management Board at the Polish Vodka Association (Stowarzyszenie Polska Wódka) from the moment the Association was founded in 2006. He is also the Chairman of the General Council of the Polish Spirits Industry. Andrzej Szumowski graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University, and from postgraduate Public Relations studies at Warsaw School of Economics.
Krzysztof Pawiński
The President of Maspex Sp. z o.o.

Krzysztof Pawiński, a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. Co-founder of Maspex Wadowice, a leading producer of juices, nectars and beverages, as well as instant products (cappuccino, cocoa, whitewash, tea) in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe that also produces pasta.

Nevin Rühle
IFS Director Business Development

Nevin Rühle - IFS Director Business Development

- holds a master in food technology and business administration

- has more than 10 years of professional experience in different fields in the international food industry

- is active since 2013 in the IFS Management GmbH head office in Berlin/Germany

Janusz Olejnik
General Director of Silliker Polska Sp. z o.o.
Janusz Olejnik - graduate of ART Olsztyn (Agricultural and Technical University), currently University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM), graduated with honors in 1992 with the title of Master of Science in Food Technology Engineer with the specialization in Dairy Technology. A graduate of the School of Management and Marketing at the Faculty of Management and Marketing in the field of Management and Marketing. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, Master of Business Administration program, Business management - European Academy of Management Skills. Since 2001, he has been the General Director of Silliker Polska Sp. z o.o. belonging to the global brand Merieux Nutrisciences specializing in research and services in the field of quality and safety of food products and related fields, including packaging. conferences.From May 2018, he was appointed the Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Polish Committee for Standardization no. 310 on Food Safety Management Systems, additionally he is an active member of the technical committee of PKN, PKN KT35 (Milk and Milk Products), author of many press articles, organizer and speaker at many industry conferences.
Andrzej Gantner
Polish Federation of Food Producers of the Employers' Union (PFPŻ)
General Director and member of the Board of the Polish Federation of Food Producers of the Employers' Union (PFPŻ), member of the Board of "Food for Future", a member of the Food Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Represents PFPŻ ZP in the largest European food industry organization - Food Drink Europe. Editor-in-chief of the "Food-Lex", Chairman of the Advisors and Employers Team at the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumption Sciences at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). For over 20 years he associated with food management in the field of management, marketing, public relations and corporate social responsibility. Author of numerous publications and analyzes regarding the food market and food economy.
Antoni Gibowicz, DVM
Plenipotentiary of the Board for QMS in Sokołów S.A.

Antoni Gibowicz Plenipotentiary of the Board for QMS in Sokołów S.A. DVM. Specialist in the field of animal hygiene of fattening animals and food of animal origin. For 25 years he has been working in meat plants in positions related to quality and safety management of products. For 13 years as the Board's Proxy for QMS in Sokołów S.A. coordinates and manages and operates quality systems in 7 plants belonging to SOKOŁOWA S.A.

Rafał Pietrasik
Bureau Veritas Polska Sp.z o.o.
Master of Science in Biotechnology specializing in Technical Microbiology. Auditor and trainer of Bureau Veritas Polska in the food sector since 2003. He has extensive Polish and European audit experience related to food safety; including standards: IFS, BRC, HACCP and ISO 22000. Authorized by IRCA trainer in the field of: Lead Auditor ISO 22000.
dr Paweł Jurowczyk
Fresh Profit Sp. z o.o.
Doctor of Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). He has 12 years of experience in market research and analysis. He is an expert of the analysis of consumer behavior and the analysis of sales locations using the NPVO technique. He conducts comprehensive research projects in Poland and abroad. He works with the leaders of the FMCG industry and leading trade networks. He is a lecturer at guest lectures and at scientific conferences, among others at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW), University of Warsaw, University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Wroclaw (SWPS).
Max Uusitalo
Born 1989
  • Finnish citizen
  • M.Sc.(Econ.) from Aalto University Business School in Helsinki
  • Before Mekitec: Working in a consulting firm
  • Now: Business Development Manager at Mekitec Group
  • Responsible for running Mekitec’s business in Europe
  • Responsible for increasing sales in existing markets and starting business in new ones
  • Long-term target: To make Mekitec the number 1 inspection company for packaged food in the world
Marcin Turski
Fresh Logistics Polska - Raben Group
Marcin Turski, born in 1975, graduate of the Zielona Góra University of Technology - Management and Marketing, University of Economics in Wroclaw - Foreign Trade and University of Economics in Poznań - Communication and Techniques of Persuasion in Business. He is the Director of Sales and Customer Service in the company Fresh Logistics Polska. He has been associated with the Raben Group since 2001.
Sebastian Bownik
Logopak East Sp.z o.o.
Sebastian Bownik is the Technical and Commercial Director at Logopak East and is responsible for the company's strategy and development. He has 15 years of experience in the labeling industry with self-adhesive labels. He completed 300 projects and participated in the installation of over 1000 machines in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. Student of Business Psychology at the SWPS University in Warsaw. Hobby: personal development, sport, permaculture, carpentry.
Beata Studzińska-Marciniak
BSM Quality
A graduate of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn in 2001. After 9 years of work in the food industry as a Representative for Quality Management Systems, she decided to try her strength as an auditor of TESCO network providers. At the same time, acting as technical manager in the IFS and BRC standards in the certification unit, she developed the knowledge of the certification process. The promotion for the position of Global Technical Manager for TESCO auditors as the person responsible for the knowledge and development of auditors of TESCO's suppliers has opened her way to cooperation with various personalities, while also learning the standards of many food plants around the world. Currently, as the owner of BSM Quality, she offers comprehensive services in the implementation and supervision of food safety standards: HACCP, ISO 9001, BRC, IFS, TESCO, as well as assistance in initial audits and training of staff in the field of quality management standards. She also works as a subcontractor for two certification bodies: SAI Global and NSF in the field of document verification after the certification audit IFS and BRC.
Jolanta Cymborska
Sokołów S.A.
Key Account Manager for Meat Products in SOKOŁÓW S.A., one of the largest producers of meat and sausages on the Polish market. She has 14 years of experience in trading, with SOKOŁÓW S.A. associated since 2007. In this company Is responsible for ongoing cooperation with clients of the modern channel and particular for the sale to the super and hypermarkets the company's products (processed products: sausages, canned food, ready meals).
Maciej Majewski
A graduate of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW, 1999-2004). He has always been associated with the production of apples, as the son of a farmer, the founder and partner of “FreshMazovia”. Coach and advisor in the field of food safety. Participant and lecturer at many conferences on the subject of agricultural production, plant protection, innovation and food safety. He also participates in such international organizations as GLOBALGAP, Education and Qualifications Alliance and GIQS as well as the National Association of Polish Ecology, Association of Sustainable Agriculture ASAP. His achievements include many publications in scientific journals on agricultural knowledge systems, Integrated Production, and GlobalG.A.P. and other issues related to food safety. He combines all his knowledge by caring for the development of the regional product "Grójeckie Apple" as the President of the Board of the Sady Grójeckie Association. Privately, he is happy husband and father and a fan of home-made wine and cider.
Jan Gicewicz
Amcor Flexibles EMEA
Jan Gicewicz has over 20 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry. He started his professional career at Delpak and ErgPak. Since 2003, he has been working at Amcor Flexibles where he held various functions related to product development. He is currently a technical manager in the plastic film purchasing department at Amcor Flexibles EMEA.
Marta Pawłowska
National Food and Nutrition Institute
Marta Pawłowska MBA - Plenipotentiary of the Director of the Institute of Food and Nutrition for Communication. Family health coach, accredited in the Chamber of Coaching, social communication expert, health promotion manager. Public Relations lecturer, speaker at the conference on integrated communication and personal development, hostess and conferor of congresses and discussion panels devoted to social and health issues. Columnist and blogger, she fluently speaks 3 foreign languages.
Mariusz Nagrocki
P.P.H. “Ewa-Bis” Sp. z o.o.
Mariusz Nagrocki- A specialist in the field of juices and concentrates, with many years of experience in importing and exporting beverages. He supervised the production of aromas with low and high alcohol concentrations. Currently Sales Manager at Ewa Bis, co-founder of the “Fruktomania” project, responsible for building the Beverage department. Open to all technological novelties in the juice and beverage industry. Trendhunter looking for new inspirations in the beverage market.
Paweł Niemczuk, DVM
Chief Veterinary Officer
A graduate of the University of Agriculture in Lublin, where he also completed post-graduate studies in the field of epizootiology and veterinary administration. He also took numerous domestic and foreign courses, including in Liverpool and Hanover and in the State Veterinary Institute - National Research Institute in Puławy. From 2000 he worked in the Gdańsk branch of the Veterinary Inspection, reaching the position of the Pomeranian Provincial Veterinary Inspector. December 30, 2016 appointed by Prime Minister Beata Szydło to the position of Chief Veterinary Officer.
Andrzej Chodkowski
Main Inspector of Plant Health and Seed Inspection
Andrzej Chodkowski, a graduate of the National School of Public Administration, as well as the Management 2008 program, organized by ICAN Institute and Harvard Business Publishing. He completed a course of auditors of leading ISO management systems. From February 15, 2016, the Chief Inspector of Plant Health and Seed Inspection. In the years 1994 - 2007 he worked in government administration, going from a private official to the undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. He was a member of the Council for Sustainable Development appointed by the Prime Minister and secretary of the Council for Food Safety. From 2007, he managed companies in the private sector and in 2016 he returned to public service. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Plant Protection as well as the Institute of Natural Fibers and Medicinal Plants. He has over 20 years of professional experience, including over 10 years in the field of agriculture and food safety. He participated in the review of the law on plant protection before Poland's accession to the EU, and then in the adaptation and implementation of Community legislation. He has education and competence in the field of project management, employee teams and task coordination, also in the international environment.
dr inż Bartłomiej Koźniewski
JARS Sp. z o.o.
dr inż. Bartłomiej Koźniewski A graduate of the Inter-faculty Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Lodz (major: Chemistry) and the International Education Center at the Lodz University of Technology (specialization: Biotechnology, specialization: Molecular Biotechnology and Technical Biochemistry). In 2015 he was awarded the title of doctor at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences of the Lodz University of Technology (research topics: enzymatic separation of α-substituted derivatives of serines). Main scientific interests: biocatalysis in non-aqueous solvents, enzymatic separation of racemates of atypical amino acids, high performance liquid chromatography, synthesis of chiral building blocks. He worked, among others at the Faculty of Chemistry and at the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences at the Lodz University of Technology, and currently serves as the vice-director of the research and development department at JARS Sp. z o.o. Author and co-author of three patent applications and several publications in industry magazines and conference materials. Expert of the Supreme Technical Organization and member of the Polish Chemical Society.
Izabela Palgan
IFS Technical Manager
Izabela Palgan graduated University of Dublin at the Faculty of Food Sciences with a specialization in food safety. She has 10 years of experience in the food industry as a technical manager in Ireland, England and France. She is currently the Technical Manager at IFS Management GmbH based in Paris, responsible for the international food safety standard (IFS). For the last 3 years she has also worked as a GFSI technical manager (Global Food Safety Initiative)
Marcin Majewski
PKO Bank Polski
Marcin Majewski is the Director of the Corporate Macroregion in PKO Bank Polski. He manages selling in the area of corporate banking. He has many years of experience in working with corporate clients and extensive knowledge of banking, economic and financial analysis and capital markets. He is an expert in the field of structuring credit transactions and tailor-made banking products. A graduate of the MBA program. A visionary who sets new directions and goals and inspires others to engage and enthusiastically.
Katarzyna Gierczak Grupińska
Family Business Foundation

Katarzyna Gierczak Grupińska - sociologist, MBA, certified social change leader and facilitator in the international New Leader Circle program within FBN International. Since 2011, the founder and president of the Ffr.pl Family Business Foundation. As part of the Foundation, she established a branch of FBN International in Poland. Founding member of IFR. Co-owner of the family company GELG gelg.pl, which deals with high-volume metal processing. Stubbornly and persistently creates space for family businesses since 2006. In order not to stumble over the same stones and make similar mistakes on the basis of shared experience and practical knowledge, losing the most valuable time for everyone. It promotes the umbrella brand for all family businesses "tree" Family Company, which is a symbol of pride of family entrepreneurs based on the values ​​of: tradition, honesty, responsibility for generations. A mother of two teenagers, an enthusiast of nature and traveling around the world. Family Business Foundation - a social organization that selflessly supports family businesses, creating a space for exchanging experiences and integrating the environment of Family Business. What does he do? What does it create? Builds the Umbrella Brand Tree for Family Business www.drzewko.org (join more than 700 companies building a network of relationships and actively communicating their family!) Organizes since 2008 Mentoring Meetings in family businesses. Creates and implements workshops and educational meetings for entrepreneurs. He runs a transnational EU Early Warning Europe project in Poland, in which he is responsible for the preparation and coordination of the work of Mentors - discreet help for entrepreneurs in trouble. It promotes a health-friendly work culture and prophylactic activities - the Healthy Family Company project. Creates Reports: Poles on Family Companies and Competences of the Future in Family Companies. He is building a family business community that depends ... "When we help others, we help each other, because all the good we give comes around and comes back to us." Flora Edwards

dr Justyna Bylinowska
dr Justyna Bylinowska Academic lecturer, trainer and online journalist Creator and editor-in-chief of the largest dietetic portal in Poland, DIETETYCY.ORG.PL. She defended the title of doctor of science in the field of food technology and nutrition of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Professionally associated with didactics of nutrition subjects at universities. In addition to dietetycy.org.pl, she published in industry magazines (Food Forum, Współczesna Dietetyka), scientific (Probl Hig. I Epidemiol., Annual PZH) - she gave expert opinions for magazines, websites and television (including on Temat, TVP, Polsat, Aktywnie Bardzo, MagazynRunning and others).
Joanna Gałązka
Polish Association for Plant Protection (PSOR)
Joanna Gałązka, Polish Association for Plant Protection - gardener and blogger, PhD in agricultural sciences. She promotes the responsible use of plant protection products, sustainable agriculture and waste-free kitchens. Her favorite plants are those that can be eaten. Therefore, he encourages us to eat not only interesting vegetables and fruits, but also flowers, weeds and trees.
Aleksandra Mrowiec
Polish Association for Plant Protection (PSOR)
Aleksandra Mrowiec, Polish Association for Plant Protection (PSOR) - a lawyer and PR-manager with 10 years of experience. In the Association she promotes responsible shopping and the use of plant protection products among farmers. She also co-creates the campaign "Sprinkled? No harm", according to this each of us can learn about: food production from “field to table”, the secrets of the plant world and pests that compete with people for food. She also coordinates the nationwide PSOR Packaging Collection System. Privately, she loves long-distance travels with her family.
Daniele Rossi
University of Ghent
Mr. Daniel Rossi: citizen of Luxemburg and Italy , 58 years old, he is married and has 3 daughters. He graduated cum laude in Statistics And Economics at the Rome’s University “La Sapienza” and won a Fulbright Beca for PhD in UCLA in Los Angeles (California). He’s the Delegate for Research & Innovation in the Confederation of Farmers (Confagricoltura), Secretary General of AgroNetwork (Confagricoltura, Nomisma and Luiss Founders), Chairman of the Research & Innovation Working Party RES in Copa – Cogeca (Bruxelles), Director for the International Project of the Brewers of Europe and the EU Coordinator of the 36 National Platforms “Food for Life”, Judicial Administrator of seized companies by the Rome Tribunal under the Mafia Law.He was Director General of Federalimentare (Italian Federation of Food & Drink Industry – Confindustria), CEO of Federalimentare Servizi s.r.l., CEO of the “Spread European Safety GEIE consortium (an EEIG of 13 EU Food & Drink Federations), Chairman of the Research and Innovation Group - Food and Drink Europe - in Brussels, Chairman of the Technology Platform “Italian Food for Life” and Chairman of the “Cluster Agrifood”. Member of the EU Commission Sounding Board of smaller actors on participation in the FP7, Coordinator of FP6 SSA “SMEs-Net” and of the Integrated Project TRUEFOOD, coordinator and partner of more than 30 FP6 and FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects and ERASMUS Alliances . Administrator Delegate and Member of the Executive Committee and of the Board of CONAI (The governmental Packaging Recovery Consortium), Director of Consorzio BIRRAVIVA s.c.r.l. Chairman of “EU Polices on alcohol” for the “Confederation des Brasseurs du Marchè Commun” – C.B.M.C. and Delegate Member of the Board of C.B.M.C. (Brewers of Europe)., Director of the Italian Association of the Brewery and Malt Industries, Scientific Director of “Plan Bleu” – Action Plan for Mediterranean – UNEP, Director of the Office of Economic Studies, feasibility, costs benefits, planning and management of facilities and services (SPS Spa – SOFIN; IRI Group), Director of research “National and Local Authorities” of CENSIS Foundation in Rome, Secretary General of the Permanent Observatory on Youth and Alcohol (Health Ministry).
dr Jochen Schneider
Zeller + Gmelin
Looking back on 30 years of experience in the business of radiation curing Zeller+Gmelin is nowadays a specialist in UV printing inks designed for food contact material applications. While Zeller+Gmelin was the first company providing specially formulated low migration UV printing ink solutions to cup printers they also are experienced in low migration flexo and offset inks for different substrates. As guaranteeing the high quality of their inks and the safety of food packaging is one of the company’s major goals an analytical service centre was set up at their production site in Germany more than 10 years ago. As part of the R&D department Dr. Jochen Schneider is a regulatory and analytical expert within Zeller+Gmelin who supports their customers in their compliance work.
Beata Biesiadecka
Sales Manager at Zeller + Gmelin, a German manufacturer of printing inks, industrial lubricants and chemistry for the paint shop. For 15 years professionally associated with the printing industry. A graduate of the Social Academy of Sciences in the field of Management.
Prof. dr hab. Wiesław Bielawski
Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW)
Vice-Chairman of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, Rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences Prof. dr hab. Wiesław Bielawski is a graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture of SGGW (1974). Immediately after graduation, he was employed as an assistant at the Department of Biochemistry. He obtained the degree of doctor of natural sciences in 1982 on the basis of a work entitled "Assimilation pathways leading to the formation of amino acids in rye seedlings". In 1992 he obtained a postdoctoral degree in agricultural sciences in the field of agronomy. In 1995 he was employed as an associate professor at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He was awarded the title of professor of agricultural sciences in 2002, and the position of professor in 2008. Performed by prof. W. Bielawski functions at the university include: Vice-Rector for Development (2008-2012), Vice-Rector for Development - First Deputy Rector (2012-2016) Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology for Science (2002-2005) and didactics ( 1999-2003). The functions performed outside the university are: disciplinary spokesperson at the Main Council of Science and Higher Education, member of the Committee on Academic Entrepreneurship of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology and a member of the Monitoring Committee of the Rural Development Program.
Konrad Bugiera
Family Business Foundation

Konrad Bugiera The creator and co-author of the series of reports "Poles about family businesses", which was based on the conclusions of the workshop "Bol ± rm family", which he conducted for the largest Polish family businesses in 2014 in Muszyna. She has been cooperating with the Foundation for Family Companies from the very beginning of her activity. In the years 2015-2016 he served as its spokesperson. He is currently a member of the Foundation's Council. He is the owner of an independent consultancy specialized in the field of data-based communication. Cooperates with business owners, marketing directors, and NGO and union management. He is the author and co-author of scientific publications and lectures in the area of PR, reporting and inter-organizational cooperation within economic associations. </ P>

Jerzy Wierzbicki
President of the Polish Association of Beef Producers
Jerzy Wierzbicki mgr. mechanical engineer, graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, graduate of doctoral studies at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences at the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumption Sciences, he is writing a doctoral dissertation, President of the Polish Association of Beef Producers, Chairman of the Copa Cogeca Working Group third term, Chairman of the Group Scientific discussion group on eating quality as part of the UNECE Specialized Section on Standardization of Meat, Chairman of the Beef Sector Council, member of the Council of the Federation of Industry Associations of Agricultural Producers. Chairman of the Council for Social Dialogue in Agriculture of the 1st term. Initiator of work and co-author of the Quality Meat Program beef system - the first in Poland quality assurance system in red meat successfully implemented. In the years 2006-2009 involved in the legislative process of the act on funds for the promotion of agri-food products, innovative for Poland. Initiator and one of the architects of the agreement in the industry - a consensus that gives farmers an advantage in managing the funds of promotion and ensuring the independence of the beef promotion fund from the pork promotion fund. Chairman of the Management Committee of the Beef Promotion Fund for the 1st and 2nd term. Initiator and co-author of a six-year research project with a budget of over EUR 10 million. In the Project he was the Deputy Project Manager and Research Task Manager. He is the author and co-author of over a dozen scientific publications on the beef market, consumer research, quality assurance and standardization systems. He is the initiator and co-author of the Beef Industry Development Strategy for Beef 2022, which was developed in the group of six industry organizations in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Klaudia Klimek
Jewrnalism Foundation
Klaudia Klimek For over ten years, she has been intensively involved in working for the Jewish community in Poland and around the world. Founder of the Jewrnalism Foundation. Chairwoman of the Krakow branch of the Social and Cultural Society of Jews in Poland. A member of the Israeli Jewish Congress and the European Jewish Parliament. For 6 years he has been working for the non-profit sector, for 3 years for business and for 2 years in the political industry.
Aleksandra Cichocka
Institute of Food and Nutrition
Aleksandra Cichocka - graduate of the Agricultural University of Warsaw Agricultural University, Faculty of Food Technology. Almost all professional life related to the Institute of Food and Nutrition (IŻŻ) in Warsaw, where he still works. As an expert of the National Center for Nutritional Education, IŻŻ deals with the influence of the right choice of food products on our health. It promotes knowledge of how healthy nutrition is important in the prevention and treatment of, among others cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes. He lectures for doctors, patients, dieticians, nurses, teachers, students, at press conferences. Lecturer at the postgraduate studies of IŻŻ. She presented several hundred works at national and international conferences (including Germany, Austria, Greece, France, Hungary), lectured in USA (Decatur, Illinois) for scientific employees of ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company), the world's leading food producer. She has published dozens of scientific articles and over 300 popular science in the fields of food, nutrition, dietetics and education. Her latest book, published in 2018 "DASH Diet in theory and application" (Medyk publishing house), after a few months, has achieved great media and publishing success. She is also the author the following books "Practical nutritional guide in slimming, prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases" (3 issues), "Diet in hypercholesterolemia", together with prof. W. B. Szostakiem "Mediterranean diet in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes" (2 issues). She is a co-author of, among others following books developed at the Institute of Food and Nutrition under edited by prof. M. Jarosz "Norms of nutrition for the Polish population" and "Dietetics - food, nutrition in prevention and treatment". Passionate about rest at the Polish seaside.
Fedele Colantuono
University of Foggia
Fedele Colantuono, 37 years old, is a project manager at the University of Foggia - Department of Economics (Foggia, Italy), now inolved on the H2020 project "SKIN - Short supply chain Knowledge and Innovation Network. He has been working for several years at the University of Foggia, carrying out research and management activites on National and EU projects related to the agri-food systems. On 2009 he was employed at Chiquita Food Innovation (The Netherlands) in the Research and Development team. Mr Colantuono after his master degree on Food Science and Technologies, got a PhD on Management of Innovation in the agricultural and food system of the Mediterranean Region (University of Foggia).
Robert Wieprzkowicz-Rzewuski
Laboratorium Smaku & Zapachu
Robert Wieprzkowicz-Rzewuski - Laboratory of Taste & Fragrance An expert in the field of creation, application and evaluation of food flavors with many years of experience in the aromatic / FMCG / food production sector. Specialist in: organoleptic and sensory assessment, development of new products and creating new recipes, research on customer needs and their preferences and implementation of recipes for production. Together with Maria Podwysocka he distributes several boutique aromatic companies from France and Great Britain.
Maria Podwysocka
For several dozen years associated with the distribution of food aromas in Poland. She introduced the Slovenian company Etol to Poland and was its chief for many years. She also introduced the American company, the aromatic company Sethnes_GreanLeaf. Together with Robert Wieprzkowicz, he distributes the aromas and botanical extracts of French aromatic houses and Synergy UK.
Katarzyna Olborska
Katarzyna Olborska - Expert Eurofins, graduate of the Faculty of Food Technology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Has many years of experience in the field of management systems. She conducted numerous microbiological research and optimization projects in the area of ​​production and maintenance. Implemented management systems in over a dozen companies in Poland. He has a rich almost 20 years of experience in the food industry as a technologist, Quality Representative, supplier auditor, lecturer. Eurofins trainer in the field of ISO 9001, HACCP, ISO 22000, IFS, BRC. Specializes in the subject of adulteration, Food Defense, crisis management, technological issues in the food and feed industry. It performs inspections at the request of retail chains and producers as well as projects in the field of technology, food labeling and management system implementation. Author of publications in scientific and industry magazines. A scholarship holder of a research project on the design of new products at the University of Agriculture in Cluj-Napoca. Trainer in the field of technical requirements and methods of microbiological testing of food products and the production environment, requirements and legal provisions regarding the safety and quality of food and the hygiene of production processes. While conducting trainings, he skillfully combines theoretical knowledge with his extensive auditing experience. Interesting cases that she encountered during the course of her work will diversify every training program, thanks to which trainees have the opportunity to learn about the real application of the requirements set in the standards and systems of Food Safety Management. In his free time he relaxes by practicing eastern martial arts and sailing.
prof. Janusz Berdowski

Professor, food industry expert, manager, educator, social activist.

Education, scientific and didactic activity

A graduate of the Secondary School Wladyslaw IV in Warsaw (1953). Studied at the Faculty of Food Technology at the Warsaw Agricultural University (1954-1959). Master's thesis: Study on cabbage laying process with special focus on vitamin C. Postgraduate studies at Technical Universities in Berlin and Munich, as FAO-UN Scholarship holder (1971-1972). Postgraduate studies in organization and management at the University of Warsaw (1975-1977). Scientific internships: Copenhagen Poultry Factory in Denmark (1963), Simhadal Fruit and Fruit Pulp Plant in Greece (1982), BOB Company in Kumla, Sweden (1989). Ph.D. thesis: Studies on organization of production processes in the fruit and vegetable industry (1986). Associate Professor (2012).

Participant in international courses and conferences in EU countries, USA, FDA and FAO / WHO. Used in companies of all European countries and USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Tunisia, Israel, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, India, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (1975-1998).

Managerial activity

After studying, working in various positions, he modernized production lines, implemented new technologies and supervised the production of foodstuffs, among others. In factories: Włocławek, Milejow, Radom (1960-1965) and Warka (1963-1964) as foreman, production manager and chief technologist.

Director of the Łowicz Fruit and Vegetable Industry (now Agros Nova). His factory for 11 years (1965-1975) won five times first and second place in the national food industry competition DO-RO. Director in Fruktopol Union (1975-1982). V-Director of the Institute of Biotechnology of Agri-Food Industry (1982-1990). V-Director of the Pharmaceutical Institute (1982-1989). Director of the Department of Agro-Food Industry, Ministry of Agriculture (1990-1993). Advisor to the Prime Minister (1993-1995). Director of the Polish Center for Research and Certification (PCBC) under the rank of Undersecretary of State (1994-1998).

Social activity

Activist of various organs and levels of the Chief Technical Organization (NOT, since 1959) and SN-TIiTPS, since 1961, and the Scientific and Technical Association of Engineers and Technicians of the Food Industry. Chairman of the Board of Directors of SN-TIiTPS (1990-1998) and honorary chairman of this organization (since 1998). Member of the Council of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations at NOT (1994-1998). Member of the Presidium of the Committee of the Ministry of Food Industry Industry at the Episcopate of Poland (since 1997). Expert evaluator of product quality Polcargo (since 1975) and SN-TiTPS (since 1972).

The originator and producer of the Most Interesting Food Product of the Year (since 1990) and the National Product of the Future of Poland (since 1992). Member of the Polish Product of the Future (Chapter since 2004). Member of the Competition Committee of the Poznań International Fair. Co-author, with the National Chamber of Commerce (KIG) and Business Foundation, expert and judge of the Polish Quality Award. Member of the evaluation team for the quality mark "1" and "Q" (since 1975). Member of the Polish Promotional Emblem Award Now Poland (since 1993). Member and v-chairman of the Scientific Council of the Quality Committee at the Polish Chamber of Commerce (since 1995), since 1994 at the Office of the Quality Mark of the Polish Committee for Standardization, Quality and Measurement. Member of the International Federation of Wines and Alcohols in Paris (1992-1996). Inventor of the inventive movement since the 70's.

He was not and does not belong to any political organization.

Publications, articles, papers, author or co-author:

Approx. 380  Articles, papers published in Polish and foreign magazines and papers for national and international conferences (since 1960).

dr Jakub Kobyliński
Merieux Nutrisciences
Jakub Kobyliński is a graduate of the Faculty of Food Sciences, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In 2017 he obtained a PhD in Discipline Food and Nutrition Technology based on a paper entitled "Stability of refined rapeseed oil during heating and frying in a shallow layer of fat". Author of numerous popular science articles on gastronomic portals. Currently employed at Silliker Polska Sp. z o.o. belonging to the global brand of Merieux Nutrisciences providing services in the field of food safety and quality, holding accredited Laboratory No. AB 462 in Warsaw. It deals with determining the durability of food products, conducting training, among others in the field of validation of washing and disinfection processes as well as the subject of allergens and adulteration of food products.
dr inż. Anna Bugajewska
Mérieux NutriSciences

A graduate of the Faculty of Food Technology SGGW, specialist in food microbiology, food safety and quality, storage research, laboratory analysis, quality management systems in the food industry, gastronomy (GMP, GHP, HACCP, IFS, BRC) and quality management in a research laboratory (ISO 17025). Professional experience: academic teacher, adjunct, PCA technical auditor assessing ISO 17025 testing laboratories, academic lecturer, trainer, food safety and quality consultant, expert on validation of production processes and determination of food sustainability. Currently employed as a Scientific and Technical Director at Silliker Polska - Merieux NutriSciences group providing food safety and quality services and a Warsaw accredited Laboratory No. AB 462, and vice president of KT PKN for Food Microbiology, member PKN Technical Committees (No. 235) and Biotechnology (No. 287), member of the PCA Technical Committee, PCA Accreditation Expert Certification Body.

dr Anita Frydrych

Doctor of chemistry and technology of polymer materials. Graduate of the Chemical Faculty of the Warsaw University of Technology. In 2016 she started working at Marcato Sp. Z o.o., where he is responsible for implementation of innovative product solutions. In addition, as Technical Advisor, KGL S.A. In the years 2010-2016 she worked at the Department of Chemistry and Polymer Technology for the implementation of research projects related to the synthesis of biodegradable polymers. The company has many publications, patents and patent applications related to this subject. She participated in numerous national and foreign academic conferences on polymer synthesis and plastics processing.

Sebastian Jarzębowski
Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He received his master's degree in economics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (2005) and in economics and social sciences (Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften) at the University of Bonn (2006), and his doctorate in economics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (2009). Several research stays at the Universities of Bonn, Hamburg, Halle, Visiting professor at the Ohio State University, USA, and the University of Bonn. Scholarships of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Schaumann Foundation and others. Author of several publications including monographs.

Main scientific interest:

Interdisciplinary project work in the fields of economics, food chains, food safety with the main focus:

  • Food Supply Chains
  • Logistics
  • Quality Management
  • Efficiency of companies and chains

Coordination and participation in numerous R&D projects.

Wiesław Różański

Wiesław Różański has large experience and extensive knowledge of the meat industry in Poland and in the world. Profeessionally engaged in many business ventures in the field of trading, consulting and renewable energy. He has been supporting the Polish meat industry for many years, serving as the President of the Board of the Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry, which successfully conducts extensive promotion of Polish products in the world and strives to disseminate knowledge and qualitative standardization.

Adriana Rudnicka

Adriana Rudnicka is Managing Director of Grupa Owoce Natury Ltd and „Ewa-Bis” Ltd.

Managing Director of companies exporting Polish agri-food production, especially fruits and vegetables to more than 30 countries on 4 continents. Responsible for development strategy, estabilishing export sectors and export security. Speaker at branch conferences in Poland and abroad e.g. as an expert of the Ministry of Economy Program „Activating exports on selected markets” where she presented Polish food specialties during foreign missions. She actively cooperates with numerous organizations that supports the export of Polish food. An enthusiastic traveler that loves exploring new cultures.

Barbara Wojciechowska
Cedrob S.A.
A graduate of the University of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn in 2001 (currently the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn). After graduation she started working in the company "CEDROB" S.A. She is the Plenipotentiary of the Management Board for Quality Management Systems and the Director of the Quality Management Systems Department. Implements and supervises system requirements - HACCP, ISO 9001: 2015, IFS, BRC, REDCert, Halal, etc. in individual facilities of the company "CEDROB" S.A.
Grzegorz Sokołowski
Grzegorz Sokołowski, for 15 years associated with the subject of GS1 standards - their popularization, implementation and development. Participant of international projects including in the field of traceability - traceability and EPC / RFID technology. Author of many publications in industry magazines and co-author of two books. A graduate and PhD student at the University of Economics in Poznań.


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Previous Editions

Opinions of the participants about previous editions:

“The event attracted real crowds, in addition to numerous lectures and discussion panels, the participants of the congress could have a closer look at the offers of companies that exhibited their products during the exhibition of innovative products.”

— Adriana Rudnicka, Managing Director, PPH EWA-BIS Sp. z o.o.

“Excellent selection of the subject of the Fourth Food Safety Congress, while the speakers showed great knowledge, and at the same time they were able to attract the attention of the listeners.”

— Tadeusz Wojciechowski, President of the Board, Biuro Promocji Jakości Sp.o.o.

“Interesting topics that complemented each other. Substantive knowledge and preparation of speakers at a high level. Excellent logistic organization for combining discussion panels with content. “

— Anna Skrzypkowska, Key Account Manager, Logopak East

“Last year’s Food Safety Congress, due to the range of topics discussed, was a great place to exchange knowledge and experience not only in the aspect of food safety, but also new technologies in the food sector. I am sure that planned in 2018, the next 5th edition of the Congress will be no less fruitful, and the enormous profits resulting from it. “

— Dr hab. Arkadiusz Orłowski, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Informatics and Mathematics, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

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Contact and Access

Car parking.
Participants of the 5th Food Safety Congress may use the car parking of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in the Anielewicz Street, if the places are available, paid parking spaces located in the vicinity of the Museum and guarded paid car parkings.
List of the nearest guarded car parkings with links:

1. Guarded parking: „Grand Prix” Anielewicza Street 15
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3. Guarded parkingAnielewicza Street 23B
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Phone: 697 202 726

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From Warszawa Centralna Railway Station:
Streetcar: line number 17, 33 (direction to Żoliborz; Anielewicz Stop)
From Chopin Airport:
Buses: line number 175 (with a change to the tram no 17 at Warszawa Centralna Station), line number 188 (with a change to the tram no 17,33 at GUS Stop)


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Aleksandra Tokarz